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The Axcess Network™

The Axcess Network™  - built for customers like you who want maximum uptime and faster connections.

Axcess has been able to leverage our partnership with PEER 1 Hosting to offer our customers a robust network, that delivers high throughput and packet-per-second capability.  PEER 1 Hosting is a top-5 network provider with over 20,000 miles of privately owned fiber, 18 SSAE 16 certified data centers, 500+ peering relationships, and multiple Tier 1 upstream providers.

This combined strategy of Axcess' quality network and solutions engineers and PEER 1's robust and reliable network has allowed us to deliver the industry's best track record for solid up-time and performance. So go on, host with us, you'll quickly see the difference.

Over a Dozen Data Centers

That's right. We have access to PEER 1's 18 data centers throughout the US, Canada, and Europe, each connected with superior grade fiber connections, ready to handle traffic to your server regardless of where your visitors are located. You asked for choices and we delivered. Whether you live on the west coast or on the east coast, North America or Europe, we have a data center close to you. And we've topped it off with peering technology to give you faster connections, more bandwidth and absolute server performance.

An Experienced NOC Just For You

We give you one of the fastest and brightest Network Operation Centers (NOCs) in the business who deliver first call resolution. No need to bombard support with help desk tickets, we'll do everything we can to take care of you on your first call. In most cases, your issue will be resolved within minutes, allowing you to get back to more important things, like building your business!

The Advantage of Peering in Managed Hosting

Peering is for all of us who want their server to be available without the worry of downtime. Using a combination of Tier 1 upstream providers and over 500 peering relationships give us a strategic advantage over other networks. Peering involves two networks coming together to freely exchange traffic with one another. This keeps our bandwidth costs low, increases our capacity, and maximizes our control. Since we actively pursues peer-to-peer relationships with remote networks, we bypass third party networks that would otherwise reside in between. That means routing and connection speeds are improved. And since we directly manage the relationships with remote networks, we troubleshoot issues directly with the network in question, instead of relying on third party NOCs. This lets us resolve issues in minutes rather than hours or days.

Resolve Network Issues Faster

Peering results in increased control over your traffic by reducing dependencies on one or more transit providers, including Tier 1s. By bypassing potential bottlenecks often associated with Tier 1 providers, you get improved performance and faster times. Tier 1 providers often have remote destination networks which means it could take hours trying to reach a support technician, resulting in serious downtime for your server. Peering improves the perception of the network. The more traffic you offload to peers instead of transit, the closer you get to the Tier 1 rung, which is typically set at 80 percent. We're not saying Tier 1's are bad. Just that if a provider solely relies on a Tier 1 network, they have no backbone, and simply have a set of standalone core routers. They are totally reliant on dealing with internet routing issues by escalating issues with their Tier 1 providers' NOC, which can take hours and sometimes days to resolve issues. And they have no recourse to use a backbone or peering strategy to circumvent the issue.

If you would like to learn more about our Axcess Network™ and how we can help you improve your business opportunities by leveraging the power of the Internet, then please contact us.



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