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Email Virus Scanning Policy

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Email Virus Scanning Policy

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Email Virus Scanning Policy

Use of email on Axcess Internet Servers is one of the main forms of communication used by subscribers and staff. Protection of the email system from virus attacks is an integral part of helping to ensure that Axcess Internet keeps its email system productive and efficient. Components of effective virus protection include central and local scanning as well as user awareness. Questions or comments regarding this policy should be addressed by contacting us.  A list of contact options are available at http://www.axcess.us/content/support.aspx

or addressed in writing to:

Axcess Internet Services, Inc.
Attn: Chief Security Officer
1726 Gregory Ave Ext. PMB #118
Sunnyside, WA 98944

Central Virus Scanning

All email originating from or destined for an Axcess Internet owned or operated server, workstation or client must go through the Axcess Internet Email filtering system.

Any email message that is sent from or delivered to Axcess Internet email system will automatically be scanned electronically for viruses.

An email message or its attachment(s) suspected of having a virus will have the following occur:

-If the virus can be removed from the message: remove the virus, add a note to the message stating the action that was taken, and forward the message to the recipient.

-If an attachment to the email has a virus which cannot be removed/cleaned: delete the attachment, add a note to the message stating the action that was taken, and forward the message to the recipient.
-If the message still contains a virus: quarantine the original message and delete all but the message headers of a copy of the message, add a note to the message stating the action that was taken, and forward the message to the recipient.
-If the sender of the message is an @netaxcess.com address (or a Axcess Internet WHS-MSO hosted domain): a note stating the action that was taken on the message is also sent to the sender. No notice will be sent to any other senders of email messages found to be carrying a suspected virus.
A virus scanning program will be used to scan for viruses contained in email messages. In addition to using a virus scanning program, other mechanisms may be used in an emergency to protect Axcess Internet's Network from viruses.

During times of heightend awareness the following "footer" may be placed at the bottom of email messages originating from an Axcess Internet Server.

       Outgoing mail is certified Virus Free
       Scanned using Norman Data Defense ver X.XX.XXXX

Local Virus Scanning

It is highly recommended that virus scanning also be used at the workstation and client level. If you are an Axcess Internet subscriber we strongly recommend the VIPRE™ Antivirus+Antispyware product.  A free 14-day trial is available at http://www.axcess.us/r.ashx?v.  If you would like to purchase the software please contact our Sales Team at http://www.axcess.us/contactus.

User Awareness

Users play a role in virus protection by being aware of other avenues of contracting viruses , such as web pages and file sharing. Virus scanning cannot detect all viruses contained in email messages.


(NOTE: these are recommendations in support of the virus scanning policy, but are not part of the policy)

Virus scanning should commence immediately after final approval of this policy. Scan incoming email messages once which will then be distributed via a listserv discussion list. Once the message has been scanned and found to be virus-free, all the copies of the same message going out will not need to be re-scanned. This is seen as a reduction in the overall time necessary to perform the scanning.

The time delay in delivery of the message created by the scanning process should be limited to 30 seconds to 4 minutes but no more than 5 minutes.

Version 2010.02
Effective 02/12/2010

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